BlogTalkRadio Has “Coffee With Kenobi”

The Coffee With Kenobi podcasting network will be joining BlogTalkRadio. They will bring over four years worth of shows to the platform to take advantage of BlogTalkRadio’s unique monetization offerings.

Coffee With Kenobi Host and Co-creator, Dan Z says, “We are thrilled to bring members of our Coffee With Kenobi family network to BlogTalkRadio. If you love analysis and Star Wars conversation, this is the podcast you’re looking for!” 

BlogTalkRadio’s Head of Content Jay “PodVader” Soderberg is excited to welcome the Star Wars themed podcasts. “If you can’t tell by my nickname, I have a soft spot for Star Wars content. Dan’s shows bring an intellectual point of view to the stories,” he says.

Along with the title show, The Coffee With Kenobi Network features 4 other programs including Comics With Kenobi, Rebel Reactions, Lattes With Leia and Legends Library. May the Force be with you as you tune in.

Fans can subscribe to podcasts on the Coffee With Kenobi page, website or the individual episodes on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn RadioAha Radio or

About Host and Co-creator of Coffee With Kenobi

Dan Zehr (Host; Senior Writer; Marketing and Media Manager)

As the host of Coffee With Kenobi, Dan Z facilitates discussion that analyzes the Star Wars saga from a place of intelligence and humor. He is a lifelong Star Wars fan and teacher of Literature and Writing at the High School level. He is also a Feature Blog Contributor for Star, Key Note speaker, an occasional contributor to Star Wars Insider, and was the Rebel teacher featured in Target’s Rogue One Share The Force campaign.  

About BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. Founded in 2006, the platform is a holistic toolkit that helps podcasters host, distribute, measure, and monetize their podcasts. Our monetization technologies include a point-and-click ad insertion tool that helps shows of all sizes offer their audio inventory to ad buyers.



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