BlogTalkRadio: Creative Edge and Opportunity

Another testimonial from a host who has truly found value in BlogTalkRadio.

How has BlogTalkRadio changed my life?

Where do I begin? BlogTalkRadio has given me the opportunity to become a radio host of my very own show. I was able to eliminate the middle man and go straight to the source. I didn’t have to submit my resume, apply for an internship or simply beg and plead for a radio station to hire me. In the past, I tried everything possible to get hired by a radio station, just to learn the ropes and get my foot in the door. In this attempt to pursuing my dreams, I found I had to become creative. BlogTalkRadio has given me that creative edge and opportunity to show it.

BlogTalkRadio has been very enlightening and I have had such a great experience thus far. I was introduced to BlogTalkRadio by Amy Bakari of the “In My Pajamas Show. I am grateful of the opportunity she has given me. It has been a blessing to work with In My Pajamas. I am looking forward to the journey with BlogTalkRadio and the future of Internet radio.

“Show Producer”
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