BlogTalkRadio Has a Ning – Join Us


I just spent the morning updating the BlogTalkRadio Ning page.  Though Ning has been around for sometime, I’m just starting to explore the possibilities. For instance, this morning I added this blog’s RSS feed, images from the BlogTalkRadio “pod” at SXSW, some videos of BlogTalkRadio mentions on the news, a Twitter application, a discussion topic and even invited a few friends to join.

I like Ning because it’s a way for individuals to create their own social networks. For instance, you can create a whole network around your blog or BlogTalkRadio show. You can embed your player for all to listen to, post your favorite feeds, share photos, add polls, discussions and more. Even if you don’t host a show on BlogTalkRadio, there are so many ways to use Ning to create social networks around your favorite topics.

Stop by and join our group. Add your thoughts and comments – we’d love for you to become a part of our Ning Network.

2 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio Has a Ning – Join Us

  1. Deborah Ng

    Actually that’s “an” Ng. (Pronounced “ing”). And I’ll take you one further, BlogTalkRadio has two Ngs on staff and no, we’re not related (that I know of).


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