BlogTalkRadio Host Testimonial

Tuesday I posted a testimonial from a happy listener who found BlogTalkRadio an answer to a difficult challenge. Today, consider the following information from a happy host. BlogTalkRadio empowers hosts to be able to connect with listeners, celebrities and clients as this note from Penda of Virtual Fitness pulled from our Yahoo! Group attests.

Like Tuesday’s humbling correspondence, this post selection also notes the power of BlogTalkRadio for those who choose to use it.

BTR is the single most valuable thing that has happened to my business in a very long time. This free tool has enabled me to put a face to my business and convey my service and passion in a way that a website or slick advertising campaigns cannot. BTR, is a community effort because BTR is all about community.

In this multi-ethnic, national potpourri of people BTR would be the unifying platform to bring us together. The Hosts responsibility in these situations is quite influential. BTR is about to expand tremendously. The beauty of BTR is in its uncensored and accessible nature. Any one can have a say. Anyone can have a show where they can talk to the world. Because the world is your audience! So get ready for all kinds of people calling in to your shows. Be willing to get your feelings hurt. You’ll get over it. You cannot control your caller and would you want to? This is what makes BTR so enthralling.

BTR staff you are fabulous. I send you much love and anything I can do to help you guys flow smoothly and not work too hard and go too crazy because you all are doing perfect enough right now…It is my privilege and honor to be a part of the community.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, if you have something to share send me a note about how BlogTalkRadio has empowered you as a host or listener.

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