A BlogTalkRadio Host Turned Comedian?

Our very own, Garrison Leykam of Conversation Crossroad was recently challenged by a guest of his, comedian, Stephen Rosenfield to take his Stand Up Workshop. The workshop includes a “live” graduation appearance at the famous, Gotham Comedy Club, which has hosted the likes of Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld and Jackie Mason. Stephen Rosenfield has been dubbed “The Best-Known Comedy Teacher In The Country” by The New York Times and is founder of the prestigious American Comedy Institute.

“Becoming a stand up comic is something I’ve never done. It’s totally out of my comfort zone,” remarks Leykam, “but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge.” As part of the workshop, Leykam will attend an orientation followed by three comedic workshops. Rosenfield will also one-on-one coach Leykam to fine-tune his delivery before his debut performance. Leykam’s evolution into the world of stand up comedy will be filmed, edited and directed by Jared Silberkleit of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Host Leykam will be taking to the stage at Gotham Comedy Club on November 19th for his debut performance of “Comic on a Half Shell.” We wish him luck!

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