BlogTalkRadio – Kicking Into Gear

Well, we are getting close to our two month anniversary and it has been quite an exciting ride.

Before launching BlogTalkRadio, my partner Bob and I had a few questions.

We wondered if bloggers and others would enjoy hosting their own live call in talk shows? We wondered if people would come to our site to not only host shows but to listen to shows? Would they listen to both live and archived shows? Would we be able to attract hosts from different genre’s or countries? Would hosts come back to BTR and do more shows?

So now that BTR is just about to reach its two month anniversary, consider the following:

More than 650 people have joined BTR as hosts, from over 56 countries, produced in 10 languages, covering more than 40 genre’s!

I think you will agree that we have answered some of our questions!! Now of course, it’s time to pose new questions.

We thank those of you that use Blogtalkradio to host shows, call or listen to live broadcasts or simply listen to archvived shows. We are getting great feedback from all sources offering suggestions as to how we can refine the service and make the experience as good as it could be.

This platform has so many possibilities and we look forward to working with each if you to get there.

See you “on-air”


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