BlogTalkRadio Launches Transcription Services for Hosts

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We all know that BlogTalkRadio shows make great listening. Well, now they can make great reading, too!

Today we launched BlogTalkRadio Transcription Services for hosts, which provide fast, cost-effective transcriptions for any/all of your programs. To find out just a few of the benefits, read on.

Transcripts can:

Make it easy for listeners to scan and tune into specific sections of your show, via linked time stamps.
Create compelling content for your website or blog.
Help super-charge your episode pages and/or website or blog for organic search with keyword-rich written content (Which mean more people can find and enjoy your show.)
Make it simple for journalists to pick up compelling quotes from your content.

It’s easy to get started transcribing your episodes. Here’s how:

transcript_example11) Log into your BlogTalkRadio Host Account.

2) Go to My BlogTalkRadio and click on “Buy Show Transcripts.

3) Select the show or shows that you’d like to transcribe and click “Buy” (Pricing is already calculated for you based on show length.)

4) You’ll receive an email when your transcript is ready.

5) After it’s completed, you can edit, download, and share  the transcript to your episode page from the same page you ordered your transcripts from.

To learn about all the features and benefits of our new transcription services, click here. And  if you have any questions or want to share feedback with us, you can reach us here.

We’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “BlogTalkRadio Launches Transcription Services for Hosts

  1. transcribe

    That’s really a great service by Blog Talk Radio Show. People must have problem in listening difficult audios. With transcription, it will be easier to understand properly.


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