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BlogTalkRadio is more than just about developing the next web-based tool. BlogTalkRadio is social talk radio. And that can lead to empowerment of many kinds. It has real effects for both our hosts and listeners. It empowers listeners in ways that surprise even us.

Last week we received an email from a listener that demonstrates the power of this new medium. It is notes like this that make what we are doing here at BlogTalkRadio even more enjoyable.

Here is part of an email sent to us by Samantha T. from Seattle.

My husband has been blind his entire life. We first came to your site for the Jericho campaign, as we are both enormous Jericho fans. It was due to us finding Shaun and his campaign, that we pretty much live on BlogTalkRadio now. My husband listens to many of your shows either live with my help or on the podcasts.
Your site brings the world to people like my husband who feel shut out. So many others in our society are now also hooked not only on Shaun’s show (he even makes the news interesting), but on the whole BlogTalkRadio site!My son listens to the shows about the video games, my daughter listens for the celebrity gossip shows, I listen to too many to mention (FlyLady, Lizzy, the Paranormal shows, etc). We feel that your site provides a service to so many that I had to let you know. Due to a show that is/was talking about our favorite TV show Jericho, we found a gold mine of news and information.

Thank you for your note, Samantha.

Do you have something to share? Send me a note about how BlogTalkRadio has empowered you as a host or listener.

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