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Those of you that have been watching us for awhile know that we are always making changes to enhance the experience. Those of you that are new to Blogtalkradio, welcome aboard, and enjoy hosting and listening to shows.

We launched Blogtalkradio approximately three months ago and we couldn’t be happier with how things are going. Yes, all of the numbers are growing in terms of hosts, shows, listeners, downloads, uniques, etc. As CEO of Blogtalkradio, I am most excited about the feedback we have been getting from the hosts. We have received so many calls, email’s, im’s etc from BTR hosts thanking us for making this new medium available to anyone with something interesting to say.

Just a few reminders on things we are working on and other recent changes we have implemented.

  • All of our shows now begin recording at the scheduled segment starting time.
  • You can find your show by going to the URL address found in the host dashboard under profile. For example, my show can be found at
  • We are putting the finishing touches on embedding a player into the host channel. When your audience comes to the host channel, it will not be necessary to hit the “click to listen” button and see the unruly media player pop up.
  • We are also working on developing a flash player, so our hosts can play recorded shows from their blog, myspace page or website. Like the Youtube player, our hosts will able easily play or distribute their recorded shows for their own sites.
  • We are also putting the finishing touches on the giving hosts the ability to upload mp3 files into their broadcasts. This is a long awaited upgrade and needless to say it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to determine the usefulness of this feature.

Please visit our forum or send your comments to We are excited about where we have been and yet we are thrilled to see where we are going.


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