BlogTalkRadio Nutty Campaign Makes News Again

Host Shaun Daily continues to make headlines with BlogTalkRadio-empowered movement to save the CBS show Jericho.

An article this week in the Canadian Press titled “A really nutty campaign brings ‘Jericho’ back for a second season” revisits the outstanding work by BlogTalkRadio’s Shaun Daily to get the canceled CBS show “Jericho” back on the air. The article also brings up some more contemporary issues.

The campaign involved nuts. Lots of nuts. About 40,000lbs of nuts fueled by Shaun’s BlogTalkRadio show. The article reads:

“I don’t think CBS really grasped that the show had a worldwide appeal,” said host Shaun Daily of Las Vegas, who is credited with initiating the nuts campaign, an idea he derived from star Skeet Ulrich’s often-used expression – the one-word lament: “Nuts.” – in the season finale.”

“I meant for people to send the little packets of peanuts that they have on the airlines,” he said, “but then it just blew up.”

‘Jericho is in a good position, but the worry isn’t over…

Sci Fi Channel will run a four-episode marathon from season one of “Jericho” the day before its second season premiere on CBS. If ratings are good, “Jericho” could be in a unique position for season three, what with the ongoing writer’s strike putting the broadcast pilot season in limbo and fewer new developments in the pipeline.

Daily’s not taking any chances.

“I’ve been all over the Internet and on my show trying to keep the fans interested,” he says. “If we’re going to get a third season, the fans have got to pull it through. It’s up to us.”

And with the power of BlogTalkRadio with him, Daily is in a good position to continue to mobilize his audience and Jericho fans.

Check out the entire article at Canadian Press > > .

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