BlogTalkRadio Reaches 40,000 Episode Milestone

Yesterday BlogTalkRadio archived it’s 40,000th show. Forty thousand! That’s a big day for us and our hosts. When you think that we started in September of 2006 with zero shows, that’s quite a milestone. And one worth posting about.

And we couldn’t do it without you, our outstanding hosts, who use this platform as a way to share your messages and touch the lives of others.

Forty-thousand episodes broadcast through the BlogTalkRadio site into the hearts and minds of listeners all across the globe. It took 15 months to reach that number from zero. But it won’t take us long to archive another 40,000 shows at this rate.

What a great ride we’ve been on and I look forward to our continued growth and success. As CEO, I’m proud of our team for their support and our hosts who continue to generate outstanding content every single day. To another forty-thousand shows…

Alan Levy

4 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio Reaches 40,000 Episode Milestone

  1. Connie

    Hey, congrats on this milestone. Wow! 40,000 shows! Impressive! Alan, you really have developed an amazing site here. It’s very fun to host my Stop SUGAR SHOCK! Radio Show here.

    Here’s to another 40,000 shows and millions of enthralled, excited listeners!


  2. Sharron

    Happy Happy New Years !

    I hear some of the brightest starts on BlogtalkRadio and I know 2008 will rock for everyone involved.

    Have a wonderful Year to everyone on BlogtalkRadio, its a pleasure being involved.


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