BlogTalkRadio Says Good Bye to the Summer with Highlights of the Season

This was a banner summer for BlogTalkRadio. We aquired funding to further promote our vision, we had some big name hosts and even bigger name guests and we’re making our presence known at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. None of this would have been accomplished if not for the awesome work of the BlogTalkRadio Team, our talented hosts and loyal listeners.

This summer was BlogTalkRadio’s biggest season yet and I’m proud and honored to bring you the highlights.

BlogTalkRadio in the News

  • BlogTalkRadio in the New York Times: We kicked off the summer with the New York Times announcing our $4.6 million in new funding, thanks to the Kraft Group (you know them as the owners of the New English Patriots.) Thanks to this new funding we get to upgrade and expand which means a more pleasant and user-friendly BlogTalkRadio experience for all involved.
  • On August 11th we put in an appearance at the Publisher’s Weekly website when it was announced we’re attracting big name publishers such as Harper Collins.

New Faces

  • Marketing Whiz John Federico signed on as our BlogTalkRadio’s V.P. of Marketing
  • Philip Recchia, who made a name for himself in print is our new Director of Programming.
  • ProBlogger Deborah Ng (that’s me, folks) is BlogTalkRadio’s new Community Manager.

Daily Mix

This summer saw the launch of The Daily Mix. BlogTalkRadio’s nutshell week in review as hosted by Shaun Daily. Each fifteen minute segment features gossip, soundbites and news.

Channel & Station Launches

Further proof of our moving onward and upward is the launch of several new channels and stations.


Did we ever have some scandals! To run-ins caught on tape to the giant ape that never happened, check out some of the scandals that went down this summer at BlogTalkRadio:

  • BlogTalkRadio was thick in the middle of the BigFoot scandal when Sasquatch Detective Steven Kulls went to examine a cadaver and found a costume!
  • Tiffany Pollard, a/k/a “New York” to reality television fans, gave us the low down and dirty on her breakup with contestant “Tailor Made.”
  • Liz Sheridan, who played Jerry Seinfeld’s mom on the beloved series told us she can’t get through Jerry’s people to speak with him. In fact,  she doesn’t even have his number!
  • Astronaut Edgar Mitchell told us how he believed in aliens…and why!
  • Sitcom star Darius McCrary was cleared of assault charges after talking with BlogTalkRadio and posting pictures on our blog proving his innocence.

Celebrity Hosts

While many of our talk show hosts aspire to become famous, some were famous before they strapped on the headphones. A few famous names debuted BlogTalkRadio segments this summer:

Celebrity Guests

Check out some of our segments featuring these noteworthy celebrity guests:


Several of our hosts have milestones to report:

Did your show have an anniversary or milestone over the summer? Email the details and I’ll update this list to add you!

The Best is Yet to Come

This is all just a drop in the proverbial bucket. Stay tuned to this blog and to BlogTalkRadio for more of the same – and better!

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