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Critically acclaimed actor Antonio Banderas catches up with The Movie Geeks United and chats about his remarkable film career (Shrek, The Mask of Zorro, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) and his new film The Skin I Live In, which is written and directed by the legendary Pedro Almodovar.  Peter Bradshaw, a film critic for The Guardian, described Banderas’ role in The Skin I live In as a “wonderfully charismatic leading man; Almodóvar has found in him what Hitchcock found in Cary Grant. He is stylish, debonair, but with a chilling touch of determination and menace.”

Fitsmiformoms features a special episode that includes a lively conversation with esteemed three-term former NYC mayor Ed Koch.  In this episode, Ed discusses his new book for kids Eddie Shapes Up and how his overweight childhood inspired and influenced the idea to write a children’s health book, and what he hopes the book can achieve.

The Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour features a hot show that includes a visit from stars of the hit television show The Girls Next Door, Kristina & Karissa Shannon.  Hugh Hefner’s infamous ex-girlfriends discuss their time on the show and what they have moved on to since appearing in Season 6.

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