BlogTalkRadio & Simple Podcast Press Join Forces to Create Publisher-Grade Podcasting Toolkit

[Simple Podcast Press & BlogTalkRadio] Today, Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio are pleased to announce a partnership that offers podcasters a simple toolkit that helps them grow their audience quickly by syndicating their shows across all podcasting platforms including their own website. This partnership solidifies an integrated podcasting platform that combines:

  • A publisher-grade podcast media hosting & publishing toolkit that scales as podcasters grow, enabling podcasters to:
    • Publish as much as they want per month, and manage their content easily
    • Host podcast episodes up to an initial limit of 500 hrs of content (in addition to initial import), but this limit grows as you grow
    • Import all your past episodes in one click
    • Syndicate their podcasts to iTunes, Apple Podcast App, Overcast, Stitcher, Pocketcasts and many other podcasting applications
    • Stream their podcast episodes everywhere – via social media, across the web, and on their own sites
    • Gain additional exposure on— a site visited by millions of monthly listeners, with a show page and episodes featured on the site
    • Measure all their listening activity across all channels including streams and downloads from across the web and mobile, social media streams, and app downloads.
    • Access accurate readings of real human activity on shows and critical insights on episode level engagement. 
    • Monetize listening activity against all episodes (not just the new) and across all listening channels to gain up to 6x more revenue potential than prevailing methods
  • A best in class podcast website publishing tool enables podcasters to:
    • Import all their existing podcast episodes in seconds to your wordpress site with a single click
    • Fully automate the publishing of new podcast episodes to their WordPress site
    • Grow their audience instantly by adding an email opt-in box and call-to-action buttons below each player
    • Keep their listeners engaged by adding clickable timestamps that allow them to easily jump to a specific time in the episode. 
    • Add social proof by showcasing their latest worldwide iTunes reviews anywhere on their website 

Typically, podcasters have to juggle multiple technical services to operate their podcasts: One for media hosting and syndication, one for streaming and sharing, one for measurement (if they want accurate metrics), one for monetization, and others for website publishing operations. It’s impossible to compare listening and engagement data from platforms that use different measurement techniques. On top of this issue, podcasting workflows become messy and podcasters bear the cost disadvantages of cobbling services together. This partnership creates a complete publisher-grade podcast publishing toolkit that unifies all of the critical functions needed by both new and established podcasters into a simple and integrated workflow. Podcasters no longer have to juggle disjointed services and pay a hefty premium of time and fees in the process.

“When I first met Hani two years ago as I initially entered the world of podcasting, it was at a demo of his very impressive and easy to use podcast website publishing plugin. We both saw a need for simplicity and engineering maturity in the podcasting space. I think this partnership brings together functions that really should not be separated in a podcasters workflow. We are excited to have integrated with the stellar SPP platform, and to be in partnership with the man behind it.” said BlogTalkRadio GM and Chief Architect, Andy Toh.

Hani Mourra, Simple Podcast Press Creator & CEO, said “The seamless integration between the Simple Podcast Press and BlogTalkRadio lets podcasters have the best of both worlds by automatically publishing podcast episodes to their WordPress site, while still taking advantage of the accurate and advanced stats tracking made available by the new BlogTalkRadio player and data platform.”

To take advantage of this partnership, podcasters can head to this page.

About Simple Podcast Press

Created by Hani Mourra in 2014, Simple Podcast Press is a WordPress plugin that is designed to automate the publishing of podcast episodes to your website, grow your audience, and build your email list faster than ever before. This tool also allows you to engage with your listeners using clickable timestamps and clutter-free transcripts, add social proof by showcasing your latest world-wide iTunes reviews, easily share your show notes with the automatic URL shortener and one click tweetables, and much more. With all of its latest features, it has evolved to becoming a must-have tool for all podcasters using the WordPress platform to power their website.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure, and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband Internet connection.

Contact Candace Williams (Head of Community, BlogTalkRadio) with any questions or comments:

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