Recent BlogTalkRadio Site Improvements

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to improve the site experience for our hosts and listeners and we’d like to share some of these exciting updates with you.

Our Site Loads Way Faster Now!

We’ve made some major upgrades to our hardware and are using new database technology in order to speed up the page load time on the site.  Right now content and images on our site load faster than ever before.  These improvements will allow our hosts to give their audience a much better listener experience!

Find Shows Easier & More Quickly Than Before

We’ve switched to an entirely new search engine technology to increase the speed and accuracy of our content search, meaning your search results will return much faster with the most relevant content.  It will now also be easier for listeners to find relevant hosts to tune in to!

More To Come!

These updates for the most part will benefit our non logged in users, but we are also busy at work on improving the speed of the site for our logged in users in addition to further enhancing our search engine capabilities.  Stay tuned for some more exciting developments on the site!

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