BlogTalkRadio, that thing you do!

BlogTalkRadio hosts do it again. Wednesday’s lineup has some phenomenal guests, topics and features. The content is great, but it is the ability to call into the shows to participate that makes live Internet talk radio so much fun. Take advantage with this outstanding selection of shows.

Johnathon Schaech from “That Thing You Do!” and director Craig Zobel of “Great World of Sound” will join the infamous Movie Geeks United, Wednesday night at 10pm ET. The first 30 minutes of the show will cover Schaech, his career, his production company and screenwriting (he’s currently adapting a Stephen King book for the screen, I am told), and his new film “Sea of Dreams”, which opens in limited release this Friday.

Big Brother 8 continues to make waves on BlogTalkRadio with It’s Your Show at 7pm ET with Tod and Sasha wrapping up their rundown of the final show.

The Writer’s Room with Jill Robinson will be giving away a copy of The LONER by Josephine Cox during the show at 3pm ET.

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