BlogTalkRadio Today: February 12, 2009


I’m having a blast talking to you all on Twitter. Thanks for all the shout outs!  It’s fun seeing how much our hosts and listeners are enjoying BlogTalkRadio and interacting with the BlogTalkRadio team and community. Please don’t be a stranger!

Here are today’s BlogTalkRadio highlights: (All times EST)

  • Now that the Super Bowl is over, can spring be that far away? But first we have to get around Valentine’s Day. Let Burnt Food Dude give you some ideas for that special day’s dinner this morning at 10:30.
  • Hosted by Lotame Solutions, Social Media Remix is packed with valuable advice, commentary and special inside information from social media industry experts. Tune in this morning at 11:00.
  • Marcus from Survivor: Gabon speaks candidly about the new cast of Survivor: Tocantins, and tells fans what he’s been up to since the season ended. Tonight at 9:00 p.m. on B.B.A.D Radio.
  • Is great customer service a thing of the past? What stores have some of the best customer service? worst? How about price matching? I’ve found a store that doesn’t price match, and there was no hope of changing their minds! I’ll show you how you should shop around! Join Monica, owner of Mommy Brain Reports,  as she talks about the latest consumer information and product reviews! The show starts this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Does your closet overwhelm you? What key pieces do you need in your wardrobe to look good? Local Fashionista Kathy Friend, is joining Mom Advice at 2:00 p.m., to share her tips for simplifying our closets.
  • Valentine’s Day is just two days away! Tune in to Money4Moms this afternoon at 3:00,  for some last-minute tips for making it special without spending a lot of your hard-earned cash.
  • Tonight at 8:30, fitness coach Peter K. helps us learn what our kids need to know about nutrition, fitness, stress, pain and mind/body secrets.

Please see today’s On Air Schedule for a complete rundown of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming. Don’t forget, all of our shows are available On Demand soon after the live broadcast.

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