BlogTalkRadio Today: May 22, 2009

New Moon

Today’s BlogTalkRadio programming is chock-full of good stuff.  Check out today’s highlights. As always, all times are EDT:

  • Rising star in Hollywood, Justine Wachsberger, discusses shooting Twilight‘s highly anticipated sequel New Moon and her role as Gianna. Tonight at 7:00 on Vamp Radio.
  • Julia Anderson, winner of ABC’s hit show True Beauty, discusses her career post-victory, as well as her inclusion in People‘s 100 Most Beautiful People on Everyday Style today at noon.
  • Nicole Feliciano, editor at, shares how she started her business and and how she snags great connections to test fabulous new products – before anyone else on WAPHM this afternoon at 3:00.
  • Social Media maven and Fortune 500 consultant Reggie Saddler discusses how social media is changing the way we receive information and how it affects how we interact with one another on Aware Talk Radio tonight at 9:00.

Enjoy today’s BlogTalkRadio programming, and your long holiday weekend!

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