BlogTalkRadio University Launches

We are happy to launch BlogTalkRadio University, an educational series for BlogTalkRadio hosts. Tune in live for discussions and visual presentations or listen to the archived audio recordings of the learning sessions.

Here’s a list of our shows and times. We hope you can attend BlogTalkRadio University!

Planning Committee
Learn how to plan your show (i.e. Securing guests, structuring show, setting up episode, etc.)
Every other Tuesday @ 1PM EST – learn more

Marketing Club
Learn how to market your show (i.e. Promoting on social media, attracting advertisers & sponsors, etc.)
Every other Tuesday @ 1PM EST – learn more

Technology Lab
Learn how to use BlogTalkRadio technology (i.e. Using the studio and other tools)
Thursdays @ 1PM EST – learn more

Study Hall
An interactive Q&A session on all things BlogTalkRadio
Wednesdays @ 1PM EST – learn more


Expand your knowledge on a specific topic (i.e. audio editing, Pro features, etc.)
Show dates vary – learn more

Visit the BlogTalkRadio University landing page and access additional resources here.

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