BlogTalkRadio’s Biz-Dev Veep to Terrestrial Radio: Let’s Work Together!

John Havens

John Havens

BlogTalkRadio‘s VP of Business Development, John Havens, recently sat down for an interview with Tom Webster at the Infinite Dial.

John discussed the BlogTalkRadio model, some notable hosts and even tossed in a few statistics.  For instance, it might interest you to learn that BlogTalkRadio averages 3.6 million listeners per month!

What I found most interesting however, wasn’t our growing audience or that Brad Pitt and Shirley Maclaine were guests on the network, but rather John’s suggestion and invitation that BlogTalkRadio and the more traditional forms of broadcasting work together.

When asked if he had advice for the radio industry regarding downloadable media, John said:

“More than advice, I’d make an offer–let’s work together! We have an amazing amount of content we can syndicate to radio stations while also syndicating terrestrial shows on our network. Any network, online or off, loves to have the content they’ve already created distributed to more markets via whatever medium is available. Especially when it means there is more money to be made when we tell our aggregate advertisers we’ve greatly increased their reach.”

We think John’s on to something. Traditional media has been hesitant to embrace online media. But by working together, we can find solutions benefitting all parties.

2 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio’s Biz-Dev Veep to Terrestrial Radio: Let’s Work Together!

  1. L.A. Steel

    I’m surprised more stations haven’t considered BlogTalkRadio as a source for
    new programs. I’ve been broadcasting my program on commercial radio for six years, and have found that there is resistance in terrestrial radio to Internet radio not only from the station managements but also from sponsors and my fm listeners. I have approx. 20,000 visitors who have listened to my internet show since we began in 11/06. This is with television promotions on my weekly television program and fm radio broadcast on a popular station. and on web site.

    I am disappointed , by my Internet radio audience numbers,but still optimistic. I realize my internet radio program is less than 2 years old and I have delved into content areas that are far from main stream. This is one of the great values of BlogTalkRadio, it gives seasoned radio show hosts another venue to experiment with program content, and reach new audiences. It is also an affordable way to accumulate a substantial archive of programs and stream live on our web sites.

    I’m proud to be a host on BlogTalkRadio, and I am grateful that BlogTalkRadio exists, and I remain confident that Allen Levy and his team are on the right track. They have
    created an amazing forum for every host and listener with an interest and opinion on virtually any topic.

    L.A. Steel


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