Blurb! Book of the Week: Kami Gray’s ‘The Denim Diet’

Now that spring is in full bloom, you don’t want to be parading around outdoors with your britches bursting at the seams.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that this week’s Blurb! Book of the Week winner is not only a talented scribe, but a purveyor of prag- matic weight-loss advice.

CAPTIONS: "I don't know how much I weigh," Kami has said. "When I go to the doctor I say, 'Tell me in kilograms because I don't want to know.'"

"I don't know how much I weigh," Kami has said. "When I go to the doctor I say, 'Tell me in kilograms because I don't want to know.'"

Her name is Kami Gray and her hot-off-the-presses tome is titled The Denim Diet: Sixteen Simple Habits to Get You Into Your Dream Pair of Jeans.

Kami (who doesn’t trust bath- room scales) believes that blue jeans never lie as an indicator of just how over- or underweight we are.

And so The Denim Diet is chock full of “practical tools and ad- vice designed to help readers immediately apply the book’s concepts to their lives.”

For example:

-Guidance on what to order while dining out.

-Tips for dressing to look five pounds slimmer.

-A 25-page section of “healthy diet, healthy planet” (yet still gourmet) recipes.

When not penning self-help books, Kami is a wardrobe stylist in the TV and film industries who has worked with such celebs as Shannen Doherty, Jenny McCarthy and John Corbett.

The Portland, Ore., native also sports a Ph.D. – which she quips stands for “Pretty Hot in Denim.”

Needless to say, Kami’s verbal pitch was ever-so-convincing, as she won over Blurb! hosts Sally Shields and Dr. Kent on last week’s show.denim-diet

Every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, Sally and Dr. Kent review not books themselves but prerecorded pitches from five writers whose literary works are hot off the presses.

Each scribe gets a mere three minutes to convince the hosts that theirs is the book worth cracking. But if they succeed, they capture the coveted Book of the Week title.

That means Sally and Dr. Kent post it prominently on the Blurb! website – just as they did with Kami’s book.

To top it all off, the winning author gets a guest spot on the show, during which to pitch his or her book live to listeners worldwide – just as Kami will be on tonight’s show.

Additionally, five more authors will duke it out for the title, so you won’t want to miss a moment of the action as Didactic Duo Sally and Dr. Kent get busy critiquing pitches.

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