Blurb! Book of the Week: Lisa Jander’s ‘Dater’s Ed’

She goes by the moniker “Mama J,” but (at least for this week) Lisa Jander shall be known as “The Blurbinator.”

Lisa (above): Beware of smooth curves.
Lisa: Beware of smooth curves.

That’s because she decimated the competition in last week’s edition of Blurb! – the revol- utionary new book show that’s anything but bookish.

A certified life coach from the Detroit area (who, as you may have guessed, has teenage kids), Lisa is the author of Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents.

“Need a dating curriculum tosteer your teen safely through the relationship fog? Lisa takes an intelligent, innovative and humorous look at the important role parenting must play in a teen’s dating edu- cation,” reads the text version of her book-jacket blurb.

“Adapting the Driver’s Ed manual, she expands 17 analogies using everyday car and driving examples to teach parents how to reduce dating injuries.”

Needless to say, her verbal pitch was even more compelling, as she won over host Sally Shields and Dr. Kent, who picked Dater’s Ed as their Blurb! Book of the Week. 

datersed-cover-11Every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, Sally and Dr. Kent review not books themselves but prerecorded pitches from five writers whose literary works are hot off the presses.

Each scribe gets a mere three minutes to convince the hosts that theirs is the book worth cracking. But if they succeed, they capture the coveted Book of the Week title.

That means Sally and Dr. Kent post it prominently on the Blurb! website – just as they did with Lisa’s book.

To top it all off, the winning author gets a guest spot on the show, during which to pitch his or her book live to listeners worldwide.

Tonight, five more authors will duke it out for the title, so you won’t want to miss a moment of the action as Didactic Duo Sally and Dr. Kent get busy critiquing pitches.

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