Branding Your Show

One area that often gets overlooked in promoting a show is branding.  The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

Branding helps to differentiate your broadcast from others and highlights what’s special and unique about it so that listeners will be drawn in.  Take the time to establish your brand and then consistently convey it in everything you put out to your audience, whether it be your logo, your episode description or even how you interact with people on your show.  By devoting some time to branding your show, you can help establish a stronger identity on BlogTalkRadio and attract more listeners.

A brand should provide something that grabs the attention of your target audience and conveys something that they can’t find anywhere else.  One good example of branding on BlogTalkRadio is the The FlyLady’s show.   Her logo, image and writing all reflect her theme of making things fun, and she reflects her brand consistently in her banner advertising and show description.

Start thinking about the essence of your show and how you can express it through imagery or words.   In the coming weeks, be sure to check for new posts on ways to enhance your show on BlogTalkRadio.

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