Brother, Can You Spare a Diamond? The Midlife Gals Post Their CV for All the World 2C

If you’re looking to hire two single, cocktail-guzzling, 50-something sisters from Texas – who live with their octogenarian mom, to boot – then look no further. (Or, do look further. We don’t care. We just say stuff like that for dramatic effect.)

BlogTalkRadio’s own Kelly and Sally Jackson – aka The Midlfe Gals – have posted yet another one of their trademark “necessarily insane” videos on YouTube.

Would YOU hire these gals?

Sally (left) and Kelly: Would YOU hire these gals?

In the mini flick, titled The Midlife Gals: Video Resume and directed by Steven Speilberg Martin Scorsese Steve Martin their housekeeper Rosita, Kelly and Sally unabashedly boast about their myriad cyber-accomplishments since July 2007, when they first learned what a blog is.

They also bemoan the need for jobs (which wouldn’t seem to sit well with potential employers in this economy. But what hell – as long as they’re having fun, right?).

To see this The Gals’ cyber CV, click here.

And don’t forget to tune into The Midlife Gals: Necessary Insanity every Monday at 7 p.m. ET here on BlogTalkRadio.

One thought on “Brother, Can You Spare a Diamond? The Midlife Gals Post Their CV for All the World 2C

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