BTR At the DNC

You know you’ve arrived as a major source for news and more when your hosts are invited to cover major events. BlogTalkRado is proud to announce a couple of our hosts attended and broadcasted from the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. In addition to these broadcasts, many of our political hosts offered armchair coverage.

I’m pleased to bring you highlights of the DNC by our BlogTalkRadio hosts.

  • Shaun Daily has been broadcasting live from the DNC every day. To hear Shaun’s segments, interviews and perspectives listen to Live from the Event.
  • Nikki Starr, Media Lizzy and Shaun Daily are Rocking the Politics and this week the topic, of course, is the DNC.
  • The Clinton4McCain radio show is also featuring discussion and analysis from the convention.

I know many of our political talk show hosts had plenty to say about the 2008 Democratic National Convention. If I missed your segment, do feel free to share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “BTR At the DNC

  1. Amy

    So many our show has been left out regarding politics, you all have posted and promoted “political shows” – but no one even recognizes that our show has been having guests like Chuck Todd, the MSNBC Political Director and just yesterday, Willie GEist of the Morning Joe, gave us a “report” LiVE for the DEmocratic National Convention Floor.

    This is very frustrating –

  2. Shaun

    Also BlogTalkRadio was scene world wide during the roll call of states during the Iowa roll call.

    The video is on YouTube, we should get a screen capture

  3. Deborah Ng

    Hi Amy – Thank you for letting me know your thoughts. I apologize and understand your frustration. I always try to include all of our notable guests and do try to bring the best highlights. It’s not my intention to exclude anyone, however. Please feel free to email me directly deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com if you have a great guest or noteworthy segment coming up and I’ll add it to the days highlights.

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