BlogTalkRadio at the RNC

Last week BlogTalkRadio proved ourselves a major player with our presence at the Democratic National Convention. This week we’re featuring more of the same as many of our hosts attend, and broadcast from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

Allow me to share some of our RNC highlights:

  • Media Lizzy is at the RNC reporting live and giving her observation and expert analysis.
  • Grizzly Groundswell is also in attendance at the RNC. His guests yesterday included Presidential speechwriter Michael D. Johns and the aforementioned Media Lizzy.
  • The Faustas Blog is bringing you 15 minutes from the convention each day.
  • Popular BTR host Andrea Shea King is also giving her two cents from the RNC.
  • Patriot Action is bringing you updates and analysis.

This is just a small sampling of BTR’s RNC coverage. Stay tuned for more updates…and an update regarding our new Heading Right station.

2 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio at the RNC

  1. michaelbina

    No story. Just a question for you: Obama had 38 Million Viewers…What’s the Over and Under of Number of Viewers watching Palin’s pitch tonight?

    Anyone ‘makin book?


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