Career Advice, Entrepreneurs and Generating Business on BlogTalkRadio

This Saturday is chock full of career advice, entrepreneur discussions and marketing tips from your BlogTalkRadio hosts.

Marketing Lady wants you to make time for marketing. Today at noon ET, on Let’s Talk Success, The Marketing Lady asks “Are you so busy that you don’t have time to even market your business?” Never fear, she will give you tips and advice on how to make time to do marketing for your business every day.

At 1pm ET, Words Cause Radio airs “Womentrepreneurs Part 2: Women Generating Business Opportunity Out of Thin Air and Having Fun Too” as Dean and Jared continue their series on women entrepreneurs including discussions with several extraordinary women: the founder of, the creator of three different businesses that are all focused on fun, and the coach of last year’s 2nd place team at the US Open of Swing Dance! Be sure to check out Part 1.

Then at 2:30pm ET, HelpIwant tackles the tough topic of making career and personal transitions – resetting your life’s path. Facing personal and professional realities which are sometimes forced upon us by external events can be daunting if not approached with a plan or some forethought. Deborah Bailey is a career coach and special guest who will provide her insights.

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