Celebrity Rehabber Jeff Conaway: Clean, but Not Always Sober

Though he has come a long way in his efforts to kick his substance- abuse habits, Jeff Conaway still can’t resist a belt every now and then.

Interviewed on The Radio Happy Hour, the Grease star – who left Season 2 of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab after a confrontation with host Dr. Drew Pinsky – says an occasional nightcap helps him sleep.

“Next time I see [Dr. Drew], I’m going to say, ‘Ha-ha! I told you so!’” Jeff (above) tells us.

“Next time I see Dr. Drew, I’m going to say, ‘Ha-ha! I told you so!’” Jeff (above) tells us.

“Do you realize that you’re announcing your sobriety on a show called The Radio Happy Hour?” host Dr. Blogstein asks Jeff.

“Well, cheers!” quips the actor, who’s best known to TV fans as Bobby Wheeler from Taxi.

“Are you off every- thing – even pain medication?” continues Dr. B.

“No, we’re cutting back on my pain medication and we’ve started a slow detox. And I’ll have a drink once in a while.  I’m not a drinker, per se. But if I feel like having a nightcap before bed, it helps me sleep,” says Jeff.

Having undergone a series of operations to repair an old back injury that left him wheelchair-bound, Jeff is also feeling upbeat about his progess on that front – so much so that he gets in a few digs at his former TV shrink.

“Dr. Drew told me, ‘Forget it, it’s all over.’ He told me, ‘You’re never going to get better. This is as good as it’s going to get.’

“And I refused. I said, ‘You think I’m buying that? I’m going to walk again. I’m going to stand straight again. I’m going to be without pain again . . . This is something that’s going to happen.  And it’s actually happening.”

To hear Jeff’s full interview, click here.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Rehabber Jeff Conaway: Clean, but Not Always Sober

  1. fgdesign

    If you are drinking, you aren’t “clean.” And no one with that type of background has a “nightcap.” He isn’t sober.

  2. chrisdanger

    I congratulate Jeff for getting true help, as he is someone who needs and deserves it. “Dr.” Drew Pinsky has forgotten mostly about being a doctor these days and is just as bad about taking up the spotlight as the “attention gathering” celebs he’s “treating” on television.


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