CEO Alan Levy’s New Year’s Address

I want to wish the entire BlogTalkRadio family a happy and healthy New Year. When I say “family,” I’m referring to our terrific staff, dedicated hosts, private-network customers and, of course, fast-expanding community of listeners.

This is the third year-end post for me – and I’m thrilled to be at it again. 2008 was such an incredible year, during which we, as a community, achieved so many things.

Alan: Wishing you a wonderful '09

Since our launch in the fall of 2006, we have produced close to 200,000 episodes. Last month alone, we broadcast more than 16,000 episodes by more than 5,000 individual hosts. That same month, BlogTalkRadio shows were downloaded or listened to live more than four million times.

Among our many highlights of 2008 was successfully raising capital in July, via investors led by The Kraft Group.

Our content, meanwhile, has continued to get better – and more newsworthy – with notable guests including Yoko Ono, Salman Rushdie, Kirk Douglas, Hillary Clinton and hundreds of others. For more on that front, be sure to download our two-hour Best of 2008 special.

We were pleased as well to provide South Asian communities throughout the globe with round-the-clock live reports on the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, as the crisis unfolded over Thanksgiving weekend.

Also in 2008, we launched our Branded Private Network service, whereby companies and organizations can use BlogTalkRadio technology to host their own radio networks. Clients to date include Woman’s Day magazine, the U.S. Department of Defense, Sun Microsystems, HarperCollins, and Hachette Book Group. And we have many more networks ready to launch in the New Year.

Finally, we’re very excited about the many enhancements and expansions coming in 2009. The year will start off with a bang as we launch our redesigned site on January 5. The entire staff has been working overtime this holiday season to bring the BlogTalkRadio community an enriched online experience.

Once again, I want to personally wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I look forward to 2009 as the conversation continues on BlogTalkRadio.

Alan Levy
Founder and CEO

8 thoughts on “CEO Alan Levy’s New Year’s Address

  1. KK

    Nice work, Alan. As a long time listener I’m disappointed with BlogTalkRadio’s move towards more celebrity oriented content. It’s been a pleasure however, to watch you grow.

  2. literaryc

    Hope you had a wonderful week last week Alan and a happy New Year to you and the staff at blogtalkradio.

    It’s been fascinating to see how the content of the majority of shows in 2008 have been superb, including Mr Media, Doc B’s show and who you got to join one month after me and yes it’s been brilliant to see the progress since the Fall of 2006, when I joined BlogTalkRadio as a Host in December 06 and just celebrated my 2 years on BlogTalkRadio with excellent writing (regular) guests and of course Marq from Somewhereinvegas and Olivia Wilder of the Olivia Wilder show, who you know has made such wonderful headline news in the New York Post!

    Well done Olivia and you, Alan and BlogTalkRadio!


  3. Marc

    Congrats to you Alan, everyone at BTR, its hosts, and its listeners for making it the success that it is! Here’s to an amazing 2009!


  4. matt alvarez

    hi alan happy new yr to you, your family and the entire staff at btr this is matt alvarez from the sports opinions show i have been having fun as a host since i joined in aug 07,of course my show has come a long way(that included firing all three of my co-hosts this yr) but as iv told my fans i will find new co-hosts and the show must go on in fact im having a huge show tommorrow as a post new yrs show with many guests lined up. i want to wish all of u here at blog talk radio (starting from u alan) to the managers, senior staff personnel, all the way to my fellow hosts who work just as hard as i do producing all the shows we produce, a very successful 2009.

    p.s. i can’t wait to see the relaunched site on monday !!

  5. LSPC Reviews

    Yes, I can’t wait to see the new re-vamped site on 5 Jan. I agree with Matt.

    I also have a blogger website so yes, I understand the importance BlogTalkRadio has for those who blog regularly and the point made about extending the conversation for bloggers.

    Thanks, Alan and BlogTalkRadio!

  6. maria gudelis

    That is great Alan! Congrats to you and the BTR for your growth and success…I’m just new to BTR and love it so far! the ease of hosting my own radio show simply ROCKS!

    Thanks for creating this great site! Off to listen to the Canadians Rock BT radio show!

  7. Tamara Walker (MomRN)

    Happy New Year, Alan, and all of BTR! I am so very grateful to BTR for helping make 2008 a fabulous year and for helping me to reach out and assist others through my show. Looking forward to all the wonderful things coming in 2009!


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