Cheech & Chong Reality Series No Pipe Dream, Says Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, who last month announced that he and estranged comedy partner Cheech Marin would be launching a reunion tour this fall – as well as producing a concert film – now reveals the legendary duo also has a reality-TV show in its sights!

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong

While interviewing Tommy last week on BlogTalkRadio Today, host Shaun Daily told the funnyman, “You and Cheech should do a show about your life.  I think it’d be interesting seeing you reflect now, as an older gentleman, on your generation.”

Tommy’s mellow response?

“We’ve been meeting, actually, with reality people, in the past couple of days, Cheech and I,” he said.  “So, definitely, yea, we’re very close to that.”

Tommy later told BlogTalkRadio host Eric Olsen that both the A&E cable network and media conglomerate Viacom are vying for the Cheech & Chong series.

2 thoughts on “Cheech & Chong Reality Series No Pipe Dream, Says Tommy Chong

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  2. geoccho

    Oh yes, PLEEEAASSEEE! It would blow the doors off of all the other reality shows!!!!! You will have my undivided attention. Plus, people need to see and understand that we’re just ordinary average guys, only discriminated cause we smoke.


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