It’s a Cinch!

Today, we’re excited to launch Cinch. We took the service a bit further than Dave Winer suggested some time ago, and we’re thrilled where we ended up.

As its name appropriately reflects, Cinch (which can be found at is the easiest way to create a podcast, pure and simple. You create a Cinch using any mobile phone or land line.

And with our Cinch iPhone app you get even more functionality. You can record a message, add a photo, a tweet and publish all three in one RSS feed. The feed automatically gets syndicated to Facebook, Twitter and, of course, You can create albums, moderate Cinches, push to other social communities and more.cinch-logo3

Our platform has an open API, and we’re working with the development community to make it as robust as possible. Jesse Stay is helping us out on this front, and we welcome the participation and input of all.

We’re also white-labeling the entire platform (including the app) so publishers and brands can create their own communities built around Cinch.

TechCrunch reported on Cinch earlier today. If you want to read more about the service, click here.

Please do send us your comments and tell us what you think.

In fact, why not Cinch them?

Alan Levy
BlogTalk Radio

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