Courtney from Rock of Love 2

VH1’s new season of Rock of Love continues to bring reality to television. Today on BlogTalkRadio, short-lived contestant Courtney dishes the dirt.

Rock of Love Courtney drunk & slept her way through ‘Rock of Love 2’ episode 1 and found herself unceremoniously removed from the competition. Did we ever see her with Bret? Hmm. Well, tonight at 10pm ET she spills her guts to Elle, The Q. & Brown Suga on The Elle Word.

Get the behind-the-scenes scoop on Rock of Love 2.

One thought on “Courtney from Rock of Love 2

  1. Libby Morris

    Rock of Love is filled with rockstar moments. But which is the the MOST rockstar? Every week, a new Rockstar Moment can be found at

    The Rockstar Moment with the most views and comments at the end of the season will be crowned the Most Rockstar Moment of Rock of Love 2. Will it include vomit? Stripping? Fighting? All of the above? Let your readers know so they can let VH1 know what is Rockstar.

    Any questions? Just email me back.



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