Daily Highlights; April 22, 2010

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Today’s Programming Highlights:

barbara-corcoran-scroller11 At 11 AM Money Matters & More host Heather Taylor sits down with real estate goddess—and star of ABC’s Shark Tank—Barbara Corcoran for a frank discussion about getting ahead in this decimated economic environment. And staying there.

kimberliedykeman-scoller1At 12:30 Self-help guru Kimberlie Dykeman, author of Pure Soapbox…a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor, drops in on host Jon Hansen to chat about her kick-in-the-pants methods of helping people realize tomorrow’s dreams today.

roger-lowenstein-scroller At 1:30 PM Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman sits down with Roger Lowenstein, author of The End of Wall Street. Packed 180 interviews, this bestseller offers a blow-by-blow account of America’s worse financial collapse since the Great Depression.

dee-davisAt 2 PM Grand Central Publishing welcomes Dee Davis, author of the new novel Dark Deceptions, which finds covert-operations expert Nash Brennon trying in vain to forget his former field partner—who also happens to be the only woman he ever loved.

earthday-scroller1At 7:30 PM Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. And to mark this momentous occasion, host Andrea Garrison goes one-on-one with Dr. James Bedison, who’ll discuss our planet’s increasing number of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

roycereed-scrollerAt 9 PM Mutha Knows host Mutha kicks it with Royce Reed from the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives. Royce—as NBA fans well know—is a former Orlando Magic dancer who’s the mother of Braylon Joshua Robert Howard, Magic center Dwight Howard’s son.

maxdelafayette-scroller1 Also at 9 PM MediaBlvd. probes the mind of Maximillien de Lafayette, the controversial scholar who has written 80 books on the paranormal, the occult and the Anunnaki—an extra-terrestrial race believed to have spawned human beings 65,000 years ago.

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