David and Kevin Capture America’s Top Blog Talker Titles

It’s The Mouth from the South and The Close Call Kid!


David: Our nation's No. 1 blog talker from the left.


Kevin: America's top blog talker from the right.

David McLaughlin of Rome, Ga., and Kevin Ross of Los Angeles have been crowned America’s Best Blog Talkers for the left and right, re- spectively.

The BlogTalkRadio hosts beat out six other contest- ants in last week’s Battle of the Blog Talkers – the weeklong FOX News Radio tournament to determine the best BlogTalkRadio talkers from each side of the political spectrum.

Their victories (decided by listeners voting via mobile-text message and an online poll) were announced today by FOX News Radio anchor Spencer Hughes on Fox Across America, which hosted the historic debate series.

But the war of words isn’t over yet.

Beginning Monday, October 20, David and Kevin will join Spencer in co-host- ing an entire week of Election 2008 shows on FOX News Radio, from 8 to 9 a.m. ET.   Stay tuned for details on that special series.

In the meantime, if you missed any of last week’s blog-talk action, click here to download those shows now.

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