Day of Reckoning in the Battle for America’s Top Blog Talker

No more floating like a butterfly – it’s sting-like-a-bee time!

After four days of one-on-one competition in the Battle of the Blog Talkers – the weeklong FOX News Radio tournament to determine the best BlogTalkRadio talkers from each side of the political spectrum – the four finalists left standing will fight to the death in a battle royale for the Left and Right Blog Talker crowns.


And one winner from each faction will go on to co-host a full week of Election 2008 specials with FOX Across America host Spencer Hughes, beginning October 20.

The action begins today at 2 p.m. EDT.

So why are you just sitting there? Go set your alarm!

And as soon as the battle ends, be sure to vote for your favorite contestants by clicking here.

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