Deb Ng Goes Beyond Blogging at SXSWi


Yesterday we told you about BlogTalkRadio’s partnership with PepsiCo, but in case you missed it: BlogTalkRadio will be broadcasting live from the Pepsi Podcasting Playground at SXSWi. Please see yesterday’s post for all the details.

We have more SXSWi news, however. BlogTalkRadio’s own Deborah Ng (that’s me, folks) will be leading a Core Conversation at SXSWi on Sunday afternoon. It’s not a full fledged panel, rather, it’s a discussion about the skills one learns as a blogger and how one can use those skills for realistic and lucrative career choices.

The Core Conversation, entitled “Beyond Blogging: Using Your Blogging Skills for Bigger and Better Things” will take place Sunday, March 15th at 5:00 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello. If you’ll be at SXSWi and I don’t see you at the Conversation, please stop by and look for John Havens and I at the BlogTalkRadio booth at the PepsiCo Podcasting Playground.

2 thoughts on “Deb Ng Goes Beyond Blogging at SXSWi

  1. somewhereinvegas

    I wish I could be there Deb. I have two musicians who are performing at SXSW on the show this coming Monday and will make sure to plug you will be there.

  2. judyjoyjones

    Brilliant!!! What fun..sending ya all the luvin’ light and angels on are constantly there for us on BTR Deb and we are here for you!

    The Judy Joy Jones Show


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