Dom DeLuise: 1933-2009

The world is a bit lot less funny today, now that Dom DeLuise has left us.

Dom, who brought infinite joy to audiences over the past five decades, passed away last night in a Los Angeles hospital at the age of 75.

“I sang it in the wrong key, but my heart’s in the right place,” Dom (above) told us in September of his hilarious foodie tune.

“I sang it in the wrong key, but my heart’s in the right place,” Dom (above) told us in September of his hilarious foodie tune.

During his career, the funnyman graced such big-screen comedies as Blazing Saddles, The Cheap Detective, Silent Movie, Fatso, and History of the World: Part 1, as well as a slew of TV shows, ranging from Beverley Hills, 90210 to 3rd Rock from the Sun.

The Big Apple-born com- edian is survived by his wife, Carol Arthur, and his three sons, Peter, David and Michael DeLuise.

Eight months ago, in one of his final broadcast interviews, Dom dropped in on Sedona Talk Radio to chat about his new cook- book, Eat This – Again!

During the confab – and in a fitting farewell to his many BlogTalkRadio fans – he had hosts Sonya Haramis and Joanne Paxinou in stitches more than a few times.

“My wife grew up in New Jersey and I grew up in Brooklyn. And there were different rules,” he riffed.

“I grew up in a neighborhood that had people like John Scunziano. Another guy named Domenic Bimbo. And these were just the Jews.”

Later in the show, the portly paisan broke into his own personal rendition of the tarantella, called The Pasta Fazul Song.

To hear Dom’s full interview, click here.

5 thoughts on “Dom DeLuise: 1933-2009

  1. Kayla Connoly

    Leave it to you find a death to exploit. Thanks for turning BlogTalkRAdio into a trash receptacle.

  2. Jerrod Torkelson

    Would this Obituary even be here if Mr. Deluise hadnt been on a BTR show?
    No. It would not.

    Shame on you BTR for using a celebrity death to promote a show!

  3. Frankie

    Dom & his wife had to be the most annoying couple in entertainment. He acted foolish in many roles and I rarely watched him. She was just annoying.

  4. Dr. Blogstein

    Exploiting his death or remembering the time we had with him on BlogTalkRadio?

    I, for one, am glad this was written. Shame on YOU, Jerrod Torkelson, for calling Dom DeLuise a celebrity–that’s an insult to all famous people!

  5. Jon

    I think it was nice of Blogtalkradio to at least show us there was an interview that we could listen to him and remember Dom fondly. In no way do I feel BlogTalk exploited him or his memory and I respectfully disagree with those who have written earlier.

    It’s so easy to cast stones, but much harder to find the good in things, especially in losing such a nice guy. Making people laugh, even after he passed on, is a good thing.

    God Speed Dom. We love you my Italian friend! And thank you BlogTalkRadio. Ignore the naysayers.



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