Everybody Deborah Chesher Shot is Dead

That’s what happens when you’re a photographer for legendary musicians whose names are synonymous with stardom. Why, what were you thinking?

Chesher Geekerati welcomes Deborah Chesher tonight at 10pm ET, renowned photographer and author of the previous book “StarArt” talks with us about her new book “Everybody I Shot is Dead” which details the lives and deaths of several famous musicians she has fortunate enough to cover — musicians like John Bonham, John Denver, Waylon Jennings, John Lee Hooker, Rick Nelson, and Frank Zappa among many others.

Chesher’s been keeping a blog about her experience writing the book where she even details her infamous appearance on BlogTalkRadio:

So love me or hate me I hope you’ll call in. Ask me whatever you want and I’ll tell you what you want to hear. Ha…no I won’t. I speak the troof. Can you handle the troof?

Troof be told, we can. Bring it on. Even for Chesher it would be hard to shoot over the phone.

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