EXCLUSIVE: Judge to Eddie: Don’t Kill Billy in 'Beverly Hills Cop'

Judge Reinhold "Cops" a plea

Judge Reinhold "Cops" a plea

Judge Reinhold is jonesing for a starring role in Beverly Hills Cop IV – rather than getting whacked during the opening credits.

In an interview airing Monday, August 11 on BlogTalkRadio, Judge tells Movie Geeks United host Jamey DuVall that although he’s “dying” to reprise his role as detective Billy Rosewood in the next installment of the blockbuster Eddie Murphy series, his character’s fate is still up in the air.

“I don’t know if Eddie wants to completely scrap everything and start a new franchise,” says Judge. “Historically, the reason Eddie has to come back to Beverly Hills is to avenge somebody’s death – and I hope it’s not Billy that gets shot in the head… I don’t want to kill Billy off.”

Judge feels so strongly about reprising Rosewood, in fact, that he urges fans to put pressure on the studio!

“Anybody listening, write Paramount, because I’d love to be in the movie!” says the actor.  “I want to put it right.  I want to do it for Don Simpson” [who co-produced the first two BHC flicks before passing away in 1996].

And Judge, 51, who co-starred in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), BHC II (1987) and BHC III (1994), has no shortage of ideas for his character’s development in BHC IV.

Eddie Murphy, Lisa Eilbacher and Judge in the original "BHC"

Eddie Murphy, Lisa Eilbacher and Judge in the original "Beverly Hills Cop"

“I’d love to see Rosewood on the bomb squad… Give the guy some heavy explosives… I wanna blow some crap up, man!” he says, before musing, “I’d love to see him on one of those Segway bikes. What if he’s a Segway bike cop?”

Meanwhile, Judge is not shy about trashing his role in BHC III.

“It was such a mistake to have Rosewood climbing this bureaucratic ladder… I was so disappointed when they gave me that bureaucratic, dead-end job,” he says.

Slated for a 2010 release, Beverly Hills Cop IV will be directed by Brett Ratner, the wonderkid behind the Rush Hour series.

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