Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice!


Here’s a treat you don’t often find awaiting you on September 2 – that dreaded day when everyone trudges back into the office after three months of margarita-fueled fun in the sun:

A dose of live, fantasy sports programming so massive that it’s one for the record books.

Just how big are we talking?

How does seven hours of original, back-to-back shows sound?

If you said great, you’re going to wet your pants when we tell you that’s seven hours a day every Monday through friggin’ Friday!

Plus eight hours on Sunday!

Launching at 4 p.m. ET next Tuesday – to coincide with the start of football season – BlogTalkRadio’s spanking new Fantasy Sports Channel will feature 52 hours of live call-in programming in all, making it the most comprehensive fantasy-sports broadcast offering on the planet.

The schedule also sports such expert fantasy sportscasters as Craig Davis (Two Feet in Bounds), Cecil Lammey (The Audible Drive Block), Brian Swaw (GameTimeDecisions), Paul Greco (Fantasy Gridiron Live), and Lyle Konkiel and Kevin Moore (The Fantasy Football Guys).

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice!

  1. Chris Wassel

    Why not throw Fantasy Hockey a bone? We at The NHL Arena Podcast dedicate our entire archive to a whole fantasy hockey segment. Granted it is not as big as football but we work damn hard to get the best info out there for our fans.


  2. Ben Ice

    Come on Chris no one pays attention to fantasy hockey.

    Kidding bro. Drop me a line and let me see if I can lend a hand there ice at rotoexperts dot com


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