Featured Host: Criminal Investigator Levi Page

Levi Page is host of The Levi Page Show, and a contributor for Examiner.com, where he reports on headline-making crimes and investigations.

The Nashville, Tenn., native is also a regular on the CNN Headline News show Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, where he discusses cases like those of Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony and Kyron Horman.

Levi on one of his regular CNN appearances...

Levi on one of his regular CNN appearances...

Levi, 34, says his eponymous show wouldn’t be what it is today without criminal profiler Pat Brown —also a BlogTalkRadio host—who helps get inside the mind of many of the criminals highlighted on his show. Former CNN reporter Art Harris, now freelance journalist, also assists in providing updates and details on cases.

“I think everyone wants justice, strives for justice, and wants to see it served. And my show is able to cover stories that the public really care about, from start to finish.

“On the news, you just get a sound bite and an anchor reading a couple of sentences off of a teleprompter. On my show we really dig for answers and analyze the evidence.

“Hopefully the show gives our listeners a better understanding of important cases than they’d get from watching a news report on TV.”

...and cozying up to the network's star legal commentator, Nancy Grace.

...and cozying up to the network's star legal commentator, Nancy Grace.

Levi strives to be interactive and listener-friendly as well.

He and his contributors take questions and comments from the chat room, and phone calls from the audience.

The budding media personality strongly believes listeners should have a chance to ask experts in the criminal-justice system about each and every case featured on his show.

Catch The Levi Page Show Monday through Friday at 9PM EST.

8 thoughts on “Featured Host: Criminal Investigator Levi Page

  1. Mallory

    I don’t know who the hell you think you are getting off judging other people. You think you can just assume that Ronald Cummings was involved in his own daughters murder?! There’s no way that he was calling Misty to tell her how to clean up everything and to get rid of her body before the cops got there! HaH that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Do you enjoy hearing yourself talk and think your cool cause your on Jane?

  2. alinicky

    No, Levi is THE ONLY ONE who has the GUTS to tell the TRUTH about RON. He’s been hiding behind stupid ass Missy ever since his poor child was taken. First of all, he took his children from his own mother bec. she had a drug problem. Well, let me tell you, that could’ve been worked out. YES, she could’ve been sent to REHAB, Furthermore, she was abusing her! So, what did he DO???? He went & got involved with a minor chic, bec. apparently that’s what he’s into — pedophilia, maybe???? or I don’t know if u have another name for older men who like minor girls. In any event, he got involved, not only with a MINOR, but with a MINOR w/a DRUG PROBLEM, & brought her HOME to TAKE CARE OF HIS CHILDREN!!!! Furthermore, that stupid bitch was cheating on him and going on drug binges. Did he give a crap??? Aw, no. He was more concerned about losing her that being a RESPONSIBLE PARENT!
    And, I’m not done. After Halleigh was GONE, the biological mother was all over the stupid grandmother trying to console her. How did she pay her back? By going on Nancy Grace show & saying that SHE TRUSTED EVERYTHING Misty said and that, Ron & Crystal had NEVER been married. What the HELL difference did that made at a time when a child was missing????
    When Ron was behind bars, his mother went & told him “how PROUD SHE WAS OF HIM!!!” Wow, son, yeah, go sell a lot of pills to go & kill our innocent school children. Make MOM proud. In fact, that’s what killed your daughter & granddaughter, assholes!!!!
    So, HATS OFF to LEVI. Keep up the good work because you are THE ONLY ONE that says it like it IS!!!

  3. Levi nobody

    Criminal Investigator Levi Page HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That is a joke of words.
    He is a nothing that knows nothing…………

  4. gues

    Age 24 is more like it……..”The budding media personality”……YEAH! right!!
    This article was written by Levi Page HIMSELF.

  5. mlee

    Levi, I ran across this blog this morning, and its been over a year since anyone responded to your commentaries..

    First of all, I think you misrepresented yourself, “Criminal Investigator”..
    Do you have a Degree in Criminal investigations? Are you prior Law Enforcement?
    Have you ever attended a Law Enforcement Academy? What Investigation skills do you possess?

    I could accept your claim as a potential Investigative Reporter, but this is not what you are claiming to be. And second, good investigative reporters do not reveal their sources.

    A True Criminal Investigator, is not only educated, certified, licensed, and skilled… They know through their knowledge and skills they must always remain bi partial in any case.. and do not attack others for their opinion..

    I have lost all respect for you at this point.. and will not ever support any commentaries you make from this time forward..

  6. Jacquie

    Wow! Considering this kid is actually trying to do something to make a difference, it sure sounds like everybody is being awfully hard on him. I have watched him on Issues and he gives as good of a guess as anybody else. His opinions appear to be based on research he has done and people he has spoken to who are professionals in the field. I don’t see anything wrong with him listing himself as a criminal investigator. He might not be a law enforcement person, but there are all kinds of investigations.


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