Featured Host: Simon Applebaum of ‘Tomorrow Will Be Televised’

This year, veteran journalist Simon Applebaum celebrates his third decade of covering the TV scene. He’s the producer/host of Tomorrow Will Be Televised, a live twice-weekly show on BlogTalkRadio about where the industry is, and where it’s headed. The program offers breaking news, commentary and, most important, extended interviews with industry movers and shakers.

When asked about his show and the reasons for doing it, Simon shared:


"What moves me most is when we can introduce people to networks or programs they didn't know about before," Simon (above) tells us.

“This is a program that gives listeners—the public—direct access to the people responsible for what they watch on TV now, and how they’ll watch and use TV in the future. At the same time, the people who make TV happen get the rare chance to share—at length—how and why they practice their craft with the public.

“The feedback I get suggests that both sides appreciate this opportunity, and that drives me to offer the best program I can week after week.”

Simon launched Tomorrow Will Be Televised in August 2007, while still a senior editor with CableWorld magazine, a media trade publication. The program then moved to BlogTalkRadio in May 2009.

Besides BlogTalkRadio exposure, the program is available as a podcast on iTunes.com, Zune.net and 15 other Web download sites, and earlier this month, started as a featured podcast on Tivo, the popular digital video recorder,

Plus, it’s the first BTR program offered for free to teachers and schools nationwide through the Cable in the Classroom program.

As a journalist, Applebaum is no stranger to the TV industry. He has served as a senior editor/writer for Cablevision, Cable Marketing and Multichannel News. He also was a regular commentator on Tech Live, TechTV’s technology news roundup.

Currently, Applebaum writes a Tomorrow Will Be Televised column every other week for MediaBizBloggers.com, and serves as panel moderator/panelist for TV industry events in the New York area.

Want to get a closer look at the inner workings of the TV industry?

Tune in twice a week to  Tomorrow Will Be Televised and hear breaking news and commentary from network TV executives, show producers/creators, entrepreneurs launching new TV services, TV critics and pundits.

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