Film Festival Radio talks to the Voice contestants

Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone talks to the first round of advancing singers from NBC’s The Voice. Contestant Kat Robichaud talks about having had to keep her role on the show hidden from her friends due to her contract and the show’s pre-taping, done nine months in advance. Robichaud and fellow contestant Jacquie Lee also talk about “stalkerish” fans online.

Contestant Shelbie Z talks about being on the team of Blake Shelton, whose teams have won the past three seasons of the show. Shelbie also talks about her experience in pageantry, which she claims has helped her learn how to present herself in interviews and avoid stage fright.

Contestant Anthony Paul talks about being “stolen” by coach Christina Aguilera, calling it “an honor.” Also discussed is his background as a choir member.

Also interviewed are contestants Nic Hawk, Caroline Pennell, and Amber Nicole.

Listen to the full episode here.

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