First Look at Sarah Palin Action Figures!

What’s the next best thing to a pitbull in lipstick?

Owning one of your very own!

Today on BlogTalkRadio’s Media Lizzy at 3 p.m. ET, host Elizabeth Blackney talks to CEO Emil Vicale about his newest political weapon: the Sarah Palin action figure.

Vicale’s lifelike reproductions of the GOP vice-presidential candidate (below) – which follow in the footsteps of his popular Obamakins doll – go on sale today in what’s bound to be a brisk memorabilia market.

If you want the Executive Sarah, complete with signature black raincoat, it’ll cost you just $27.95.

But we bet Super Hero Sarah, complete with a .45-caliber sidearm, will fetch more on eBay a decade from now – so forking over an extra two bucks for that bad girl may not be such a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “First Look at Sarah Palin Action Figures!

  1. Mudley

    I ordered, and paid for, a Palin doll from Homebuilders on 9-10-08. On 9-21-08, Mr, Emil Vicale, the owner, told me it was shipping that week. I still have not received it. Also, he has NOT answered any of my follow up emails. And, calls to his “office” are answered only by voicemail which is never returned.

    I would say be very cautious in dealing with this company, or any others operated by this man.


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