FlyLady And Friends Unveiled on The Alan Levy Show

FlyLady Marla Cilley, featured host on BlogTalkRadio, will join CEO Alan Levy on The Alan Levy show today to announce some big news.

She will join Alan and Hilary on The Alan Levy show today at 3pm ET to announce details about her upcoming television program “FlyLady and Friends.”

AlanFlyLadyFlyLady touches hundreds of thousands of people each and every day who rely on her insight, pep talks and no-nonsense solutions to everyday problems.

For example, here is just a sample of the anonymous comments FlyLady gets everyday since she joined us here at BlogTalkRadio:

Thanks for creating a show on Blog Talk Radio!! I started on Halloween, and I am hooked!!!!
Top FIVE reasons to love BLOG Talk Radio:
Number 5: Available whenever I want to listen to it. There are even archives back to Sept.
Number 4: When the phone rings or a kid comes up with a question, I can pause it.
Number 3: While I am listening, I can get so much done! I have shined sink, paid bills, cleaned counters and flung paperwork.
Number 2: Hear other women with some of the same issues I have.
Number 1: I can hear the voice of Flylady and Leanne in my head now!!!

And that’s a great testimonial to FlyLady, Leanne and BlogTalkRadio. We are pleased to be a part of what FlyLady provides.

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