FlyLady Praise Flows in Unabated

Of the more than 9 million Yahoo! groups, [Marla] Cilley’s is the largest, attracting people from all 50 states and 78 countries.

But don’t take our word for it.

Marks 500k in The Lonestar State

Marla: Marks 500k in The Lone Star State.

Click here to read that exact same sentence – and more – about Marla, the ever-amazing host of BlogTalkRadio’s FlyLady and Friends Show, in today’s Dallas Morning News.

The Texas daily’s hook?

FlyFest, of course – the Dallas event at which the home-organization guru was feted last week for her Yahoo! user group hitting an astounding 500,000 members.

One of the hundreds of Marla’s Yahoo! users (aka “FlyBabies”) who attended, Sara Owens, said that before hearing about Marla three years ago, the thought of visitors infused her with anxiety.

“She’d ‘stash and dash’: throw things in a closet or a drawer before company came, rather than putting them in their places. When company left, she’d feel ashamed and stressed about the build-up of clutter,” reports The News.

“Now, she can invite people to her house and feel proud.”

Chalk another one up for The FlyLady!

2 thoughts on “FlyLady Praise Flows in Unabated

  1. Sarah of Colorado Springs

    Marla and the entire Flycrew are wonderful!! They have changed the way I look at being a wife and mother. In a couple of short weeks I have had a total transformation of my heart and mind. I think and feel differently. They are a gift from God to my family and me. My house has truly become home.

    Years ago before I was married with children I worked as a professional house cleaner for movie stars, politicians, and homes with as much as 22 thousand square feet. Yes, that was me. Miss Clean, with a capital C. I was known for getting homes clean in no time at all. Before children it was simple for me to take a Saturday and clean my house. It seemed like almost no work at all. When I was single I felt capable and efficient, after having two children very close together I have found myself discouraged and discontent. I recently read a quote, “You sometimes see a woman who would have made a Joan of Arc in another century and climate, threshing herself to pieces over all the mean worry of housekeeping.” ~Rudyard Kipling

    I was able to clean a home in 4-6 hrs before the kiddos. However, with the constant interruption of toddlers at my feet, I found the cleaning strategies that had work in the past lacking. I felt hopeless and discouraged at the simplest of tasks seem to overwhelm me. Then I heard of Flylady from a neighbor. Within a few days I was back on track. It was as if she had waved a magic wand over my home!!!!! It was beautiful, clean, and orderly. With less effort, I was getting 10xs more done!! She has and is teaching me the tool of time management and eliminating the gilt and excuses. My husband is thrilled to see me so content and at peace. My children are more relaxed and enjoy more quality time with mommy. Thanks to Marla and the entire Flycrew I see that inner Joan of Arc coming to life again!!!!

  2. Sean

    Absolutely wonderful! It is no wonder Marla has such a huge following. She is an invaluable asset but more importantly is down to earth. The whole flycrew has enabled me to incorporate a different mindset and hone in on what my true priorities are…I was so into it that I made my wife take a look. We are notorious for pack ratting and letting life get in the way. Thanks to Marla and the flybabies that is all changing!!!

    Warm Regards


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