Funnyman Dwayne Perkins Joins the Party

This week on BlogTalkRadio has been full of funny. Today is no exception as we welcome comedian Dwayne Perkins onto the network.

PerkinsDwayne Perkins joins Olivia’s Come As You Are Party tonight at 9pm ET.

You’ve seen him very recently on Conan O’Brien and more. He’ll be live at the top of the show and he WILL be taking your calls.

I’ll talk to him at the top of the show and then he has agreed to take YOUR calls!

One thought on “Funnyman Dwayne Perkins Joins the Party

  1. Olivia Wilder

    Thank you so much for featuring my show with Dwayne Perkins in the weekly “best of” blog. He was an absolute delight, and hit with listeners, as he took the time to register as a listener, chat and take calls during the show, and stay for a full one hour and forty minutes of my two hour show.
    I can only hope to bring more quality guest interviews as likeable as Dwayne to Blogtalkradio in the future!

    Many thanks,
    Olivia Wilder


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