Get ‘Wit It’ Tonight on ‘Dangerous Lee’

If you don’t know Persona Non Grata, you just ain’t wit it.

But don’t worry, there’s still time to bone up on rap’s newest bad boys.

You mad at me? (Not at all.)

PNG: You mad at me? (Not at all.)

Because tonight at 8 p.m. ET on BlogTalkRadio’s Ask Dangerous Lee Live, host Dangerous Lee will talk to the Brookyln-based group about Uncle Blacc Wit It and other hot projects.

Written by PNG frontmen Ill-O, Ivo Dinero and Heedi Blacc (who, BTW, are all still in their teens), Uncle Blacc Wit It has also spawned a dance craze that’s perked up many a late-night bash in recent weeks.

So be sure to get your badd self over to Danga’s place in time for this off-da-hook show.

Meanwhile, to check out the video, click here.

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