Giving a Shout Out to the BlogTalkRadio Team!

Almost every day I throw out highlights and news hoping to turn you on to some great BlogTalkRadio shows and hosts. Today I’d like to do something different.

Did you know many members of the BlogTalkRadio team are talk show hosts in their own right? Each has a talent and a passion and they enjoy sharing that passion with others. If you don’t mind, today I’d like to give a shout out to the people who keep this place going.

Behold, some of OUR BlogTalkRadio shows.

  • Alan Levy, our founder and CEO has two great shows. The Alan Levy Show which Hilary Leewong helps to co-host and Now is the Time which Alan hosts with the FlyLady, Marla Cilley.
  • You may know that Senior Production Managaer Nikki Starr Rocks the Politics every morning at 10:00, but did you also know Nikki turns earns to stewed prunes on a weekly basis with Biohazard Radio?
  • Our V.P of Product Development, Kris Smith is a very funny guy. How funny? Listen in to Life in the Can to find out!
  • The aforementioned Hilary Leewong isn’t only our Homepage and Features Editor, nor is she only a co-host for the Alan Levy Show. Hilary also co-hosts the enlightening and entertaining Call Your Nana show with her wonderful Nana every Tuesday night at 7:00.
  • In addition to co-hosting BlogTalkRadio Insider with Shaun Daily Thursdays at 4:00, you’ll also find me at FWJ Radio on Tuesday mornings where I discuss issues relating to freelance writers and bloggers.
  • V.P of Business Development John C. Havens doesn’t just rock a mean harp at podcasting conferences, he’s also the man behind the mic at New Media Havens, a show about the latest new media trends and news.
  • John Federico started at BlogTalkRadio only a few weeks after me, but he’s already made his mark. You can find him at On Digital Media where he discusses the technology, creation, consumption, and monetization of digital media and effects on traditional media and marketing.
  • Our Technical Specialist, John Sweet, recently hit a major milestone with his poetic and literary WSN Radio show, 150,000 downloads!
  • Jason Tucker who also rocks the Customer Support here at BlogTalkRadio hosts WordPlay Radio.. You can also find Jason at Caesura. Who knew our hosts were so poetic?
  • Assistant Director of Customer Relations, Shannon Dingee-Kramer pulls no punches with her true crime show, Sarcastic Crime Talk Radio.
  • Host Liason Mindy Young spoofs the unholy and unjustly working world of the employed and unemployed on Career Crashers. Listen in to learn why “work” is a four letter word.

Rock on, Team!

8 thoughts on “Giving a Shout Out to the BlogTalkRadio Team!

  1. Adrienne

    BTRs team certainly are a great team of professionals who make broadcasting on BTR enjoyable, and they are a team who works hard, and dependable. Thank you BTR!!

  2. Tonyn 2Tru

    Thanks BlogTalkRadio,
    You guy’s have changed my life in ways that can only be described as a miracle. I am a 50 year old Disabled African American Single father of 2 teen boy’s. In 1998 i had brain surgery and was not expected to live, Or at least be a vegetable.
    I tried for years to go back to work and get off disability to no avail. Then all of a sudden i was on the radio. Please listen to my show “Check the Rhyme” and also MissDiamond and Tony2Tru Real talk. I am building a powerful network for unsigned and independent artist. I understand the difficulties for an artist to get radio air play. Traditional air play in particular. So my goal is to network these artist through BlogTalkRadio.
    I’m in a unique position because of my affiliations with certain people in the music industry like, The famous Gap Band. I am currently Playing music on my show by the R&B artist Andre Wilson. He’s the nephew of Charley Wilson, Lead singer of the Gap Band.
    We’re promoting concerts, and a whole lot more. Our first concert is May 23rd. A live on air performance on “check the rhymes” wish me luck, and i promise Blog Talk Radio is all over this.

    ya boy
    Tony 2Tru


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