Golf Course Architect Tom Fazio on BlogTalkRadio

Whether you hit the course with your buddies on the weekends, or just play golf video games, or perhaps miniature golf, we can all appreciate the design, engineering, and creativity that goes into building a great golf course.

fazio.jpgTom Fazio is a world-renowned golf course architect, and he is responsible for building what are known as the most visually attractive golf holes in the world. He has designed over 120 courses, and has the most top ranked courses in Golf Digest’s Top 100 list of courses than any other designer.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Fazio to BlogTalkRadio for an exclusive interview about the game and his career. Listen to the archive of the show on World Talk Live.

2 thoughts on “Golf Course Architect Tom Fazio on BlogTalkRadio

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  2. Blake Rear

    Anyone really fired up now that Tiger is back? I hope he and his family members can put this all behind him and get back to the task of ripping up the golf course again. Is he going to win the Masters … I am kind of doubtful .. although you should never ever turn your back on a tiger, haha.


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